Our Breakthrough Technology Innovation

We have developed a state of the art SEED PROFILING technology called SeedVision
physical & genetical qualities

SEEDVISION can differentiate seeds based on its physical & genetical qualities as well as ID them

physical seed to its digital history
This can create assurance, visibility & trust by connecting a physical seed to its digital history
stored in Blockchain
It’s the industry’s first SEED KYS – Know Your Seed, and the data is stored in Blockchain
every seed type unique
Our innovation can detect a wide range of parameters which makes every seed type unique
store it in an immutable ledger
We also built an auxiliary platform called PLANTO which will collect weather, geography, farmer & other metadata about the seeds and store it in an immutable ledger

How It Works

Know Your Seed (KYS)

Know Your Seed at a physical and genetic level using camera, other sensors and extract key parameters.

Create Digital Profile

We collects 100’s of quality parameters & creates digital profile, Unique ID.
Our technology can identify and extract various properties and creates a unique fingerprint of the seed. Which then translated to a unique ID. This unique ID can now relatable to the seed’s genetic and physical characteristics. These parameters can also be used to analyse seed quality.

Connect to Blockchain

Immutable and Traceable Record in Blockchain

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