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Improve seed and grain sampling and create better food manufacturing outcomes.


Ensure 100% QC for all lots
Till Date Manual Labour in Quality Control of seeds in the organizations which practically leads to the errors but using SeedVision helps in 100% reduction of such errors resulting in 100% QC for every lots of seeds.0
Reduction in QC Time

Since the QC process is fully mechanized, the time consumed for the QC process can be reduced which eventually results in the early and accurate results.

Reduction in QC cost

Maintenance of Manual labour for QC at each stage can be expensive in the long term, A fully automated machine which can be handled by one or two trained faculty reduces the cost of he whole QC process.

Digitization of Data

Maintaining Hardcopies of all the papers and Files of every details of seeds can be a very tedious and cumbersome process, digitization of data will help in reduction of errors that can happen otherwise.

Traceability of Data

Tracing the Data which is collected for many lots over years can be time consuming, and inefficient and hence the Digitization of data can ease the process of traceability on the finger tips